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Amanda Bakker

Personal Trainer

I started in health and fitness to help people achieve the best versions of themselves, and live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

I work with individuals and groups to push past what they think they are capable of, reaching new heights and achieving goals. In a culture of accountability and community, you are surrounded by a supportive but challenging environment, to help you get outside of your comfort zone, get outside the box that has been holding you back, and achieve the ultimate version of you.


These are our core values. Let us inspire you, motivate and transform you into the ultimate version of you, and to live your best life.


Be inspired every day to live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Be excited to nourish your body and live your best life by more than just doing a workout.

Let us inspire you work out your own formula of health and feel something better.


I am here to help you discover a fresh perspective on what you do.

As your personal trainer, I will support you to break your barriers and create new and lasting imprints on your health and fitness.

Be motivated to live for the rest of your life, with a healthy and sustainable lifestyle full of abundance.


I am here to help you develop a true transformation in your life that goes beyond sticking to diets or feeling trapped by stresses or imperfections.

Transform your health through fitness, nutrition mentoring, habits and mindset guidance.

Group Training

Group Training can be a great start to finding your fitness routine, meeting likeminded people, and are great motivation.

Finding the motivation to keep active can be a struggle, and sometimes you might need a little extra accountability and sense of community. Group Training sessions are a perfect way to give you something to look forward to, and train with like-minded people in a small group environment.

Check out our Gallery of Group Training Photos here.

Contact me to book a trial session:

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Other Services Include:

Strength and Conditioning

Strength and conditioning will develop your physical and physiological performance. Perform at your best using the proper mechanics that also help prevent injury in your field through specialised training sessions and training programming.

Pre & Post Natal Fitness

Being physically active during your pregnancy is beneficial for overall health and delivery-related outcomes. I can help to increase your comfort levels during pregnancy and work with you to get your health and fitness back after the pressures of giving birth.

Mobility and Flexibility

Your mobility and  flexibility could be stopping you from performing everyday movements and reaching your peak. It can  be hard doing particular movements if you can’t bend far enough. Working on joint range of motion  and muscle flexibility will help you move better, train better, and perform safer movements.

Weight Management

I am here to help you manage your weight, so you can wake up with more energy, move better on your holiday trips, and enjoy active family time. There is more to just ‘weight loss’, and I am here to guide you with a healthy lifestyle change.

Healthy Ageing

It is never too late to start living well. Your age does not need to be a barrier to you feeling fit and healthy. I will help you increase your fitness, flexibility and range of motion so you can move better and feel fit and healthy.

Online Personal Training

If you have goals in mind, but can’t commit to 1 on 1 support (you might have shiftwork, changing work hours, or not live locally), my ‘Not So Online Trainer’ support might be for you. Regular online check-ins, nutrition support and personalised training programs give you high accountability and ‘high touch’.

One on one

Take your health to the next level by investing in your own one on one personal training sessions, tailored to your goals and capabilities.

It is important that you have some time for you, and invest in YOU.

As your personal trainer, I support you with:

  • One on one Personal Training sessions weekly
  • Access to FREE Group Training sessions
  • Periodic goal setting
  • Gym programming
  • Nutrition mentoring
  • Mindset guidance
Contact Amanda for more information and to book a trial session on 0414 770 970 or

All ages and levels

We all have a different start line to working on our health, and have our own individual battles to overcome.

I work towards your goal, and develop one on one sessions tailored for your age, level and what you are here to achieve.

Contact Amanda for more information and to book a trial session on 0414 770 970 or



I love my PT sessions with Amanda.

Shes passionate about health and fitness and takes the time with you to understand what your goals are. Her sessions are interesting, with lots of variety.

Im loving it!


Amanda, what can I say, ” When only when the best will do”…

Started at 130kg, now 124.7kg… this lady rocks, feeling soooooooo much better…

Every session feeling more alive… if you want to best, you must seek out Amanda!!!!

Thanks from the bottom of my heart and every sore muscle in my body..!!!!


Amanda is by far the best PT I’ve ever come across. She is personal and encouraging and truly cares about those she trains. I’ve been impressed with her knowledge of both fitness, the body, and the science involved.

I wholeheartedly recommend Amanda.

I’m not a gym or fitness person and she’s coached and motivated me to make the changes and develop the discipline needed to achieve my goals. Thanks Amanda.

Contact me for more information and to book a trial session:

0414 770 970  |

Amanda Bakker - Personal Trainer